The Emperor’s New Suit


Chamber opera for children, in two scenes

by Gianni Rodari (upon Hans Christian Andersen)

of Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova

Universal Casa Ricordi (Orchestral scores and piano-vocal score are available on rent)


Savona, Teatro Chiabrera, 22 ottobre 2009

The Emperor’s New Suit (Il vestito nuovo dell’Imperatore) is a chamber opera in two scenes commissioned by the Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa. It is Furlani’s second opera for children (The first was La casa dei mostri -The House of Monsters) and the first in which many of the roles are interpreted by children.
The opera is based on the famous fairy tale by Andersen The New Suit (or The Emperor’s New Suit). This fairy tale originated in Spain and a variation on it can be clearly identified in El retablo de las maravillas, an interlude by Cervantes which Furlani himself put to music in his second full-scale opera in 1995.
The libretto is based on the theatrical adaptation that Gianni Rodari made of the fairy tale and that Einaudi published in 1974.
This opera seeks to combine the simplicity of traditional songs for children with a contemporary musical language: simplicity and original creative energy “since it is essential that there be a repertory tailored for those who are taking their first steps within our great cultural tradition.”


Scene 1: a reception hall in the imperial palace that leads to the emperor’s private rooms
Scene 2: the workshop of the two tailors, which becomes the balcony overlooking the town square